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 Helping children flourish in school and in life in ways that are natural to them, through the arts and movement.

Expressive Therapies

At Victoria Expressive Therapies we offer children a creative approach to addressing life’s challenges. Using art, movement, drama and music for self-exploration and expression can serve as a powerful, therapeutic experience. Often children can’t find the words for their feelings and experiences. Here in the expressive therapies, they can find a creative form for their voice.

Learning In Motion

Learning in Motion is a cutting edge, remedial approach for helping children challenged in the areas of learning and behaviour at school. It is based on physical exercises that bring the child into an optimal state for a positive learning experience. This method is simple and fun while supporting children reaching their potential.

My love for children and my intrigue with the healing power of the arts and movement inspire me to facilitate these powerful therapeutic services.

About Sophie

For over 20 years, I have been supporting children and families through the expressive therapies. My work is child-centred and focuses on the parent/child relationship.

Assisting children in the school environment through a structured movement program is a passion of mine, as I continue to witness a child’s innate ability to overcome their learning challenges.

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