Learning In Motion

Movement opens the door to learning.

Is your child struggling with focus, memory or motivation at school? Restless or often in trouble in the classroom? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Learning in Motion is a simple and effective approach that can remove the barriers to learning and make school a happier place for your child.

Learning is not just a mental process. Sitting, walking, reading, writing, listening and playing all involve the body to varying degrees. Working with the mind/body connection, Learning in Motion offers targeted exercises that can improve a child’s performance in school. Awakening the body through movement naturally awakens the mind.

Kids love to move. When kids engage in these structured movements, they can shift from confused to clear, from scattered to focused, and from tense to relaxed. Such changes enhance academic abilities and self-esteem, as well as social interactions. You will delight in your child feeling more resilient, competent and at ease in school.

When the Body Moves the Mind Moves

Learning in Motion is based on brain gym exercises that bring kids into an optimal learning state. Performing these activities helps:

  • Fire up the brain
  • Awaken cognitive functions and ignite learning
  • Overcome boredom and fatigue
  • Release stress, and flood the body with endorphins
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Support the developing brain
  • Improve attitude and executive functioning
  • Cope with depression and anxiety
  • Improve behaviour

Success in life begins within.

How it Works

Learning in Motion works with brain plasticity, namely the brain’s ability to change itself. For example, engaging in exercises that cross the mid-line of the body fires up the brain. These Brain Gym® movements build new neural pathways and help the left and right hemispheres work more effectively together. This enhances sensori-motor coordination and orientation skills.

And so the lights to learning and emotional well-being are turned on!

This is much more than a compensating method of learning support. It rewires the brain and has lasting effects. Learning in Motion is groundbreaking in its potential to allow your child to actually overcome their challenges.

When Learning is NOT the only issue

At times, learning challenges may also be entwined with other issues in school or in the home. In these circumstances, I can work therapeutically with your child to help remove the barriers to improved school performance and to strengthen self-esteem. Using expressive therapies, your child can find his or her way to a healthier, freer place within and become more learning ready.


Teaching a grade 8 French Immersion class, I had a student who was failing in every subject with marks under 30%. After working three hours a week for seven weeks with him, his math improved to 85% and his science to 75%. His confidence soared and he continued on to Gr.9. This is the power of Learning in Motion.

Unlock your child’s potential now.