Is your child feeling overwhelmed or frustrated at school?

Is your child struggling with focus, motivation, inability to hold attention and lacking organizational skills?  Does your child have ADHD or a learning disability?


Learning in Motion is a learning support service that is is based on Brain Gym®.  It consists of a series of physical movements that  strengthen the different areas and functions of the brain, bringing children into an ideal state for succeeding in the classroom.

Based on the new emerging field of neuroplasticity, Brain Gym® exercises create new neural connections in the brain, encourage old neural patterns that aren’t serving us anymore to fade away, enhancing overall mental functioning.

In my work, I combine one on one tutoring with brain gym exercises, to synchronize the mind-body connections, resulting in immediate, far-reaching and lasting changes.

Children love to move, and usually respond positively to this kind of dynamic learning support.  How many kids actually do well with sitting all day at  desks? Imagine your child learning multiplication tables while doing physical exercises. Boredom and fatigue slip away. Clarity and focus emerge.  It’s not long before your child lights up and realizes he is finally grasping and recalling math, or new concepts in science. Confidence begins to grow.  A new hope reveals itself, and an ease of learning surfaces.

The practice of Brain Gym® movements can help with a wide spectrum of challenges, including reading, writing and listening. These exercises are state of the art skills for retraining the brain for easier focus, organization, attention and completion of tasks, sports enhancement and physical coordination.

The intentional Brain Gym® exercises act as simple energy switches that work to release the stuck circuit blocks in the brain/body connection. They also release stress and flood the body with endorphins and all the feel good hormones.  When practice is frequent, other wonderful things begin to happen.  Attitude to school inherently improves, self-esteem and social interactions are enhanced.  If present, depression and anxiety slip away.  You will witness your child developing better study habits, feeling more confident and beginning to enjoy school more as a the feelings of inner and outer mastery emerge.